The story of Wikileaks is one of the most interesting of the internet’s generation, much like the launch of Facebook, the use of information, and the internet as a source of information changed dramatically with the creation of a simple website. As a film however, The Fifth Estate is just a bit dull really. Starring […]

The Lone Ranger


[] The Lone Ranger is a disappointing movie. I’ve read many interviews with the cast of the film, stating that those who criticized it, did so before they even saw it. So, I figure I’ll lay a few facts on my review before I explain why I thought The Lone Ranger was poor. I saw […]

The Wolverine


The Wolverine is a relatively rubbish film. At the end of the post credits scene, a guy behind me was heard to say, “That scene was better than the whole movie.” frustratingly, I agree with him. Set after the events of X-Men 3: The Last Stand, The Wolverine sees a broken Logan (Hugh Jackman) struggling […]

The Campaign


Many a film has been made throughout the history of cinema about political campaigns, some are serious, some are funny and others are documentaries. What I’m saying is that The Campaign is a concept that has been tried and tested to varying levels of success many, many times before. The Campaign features a traditional idea, […]

Released almost exactly five years after The Bourne Ultimatum hit UK cinema screens, The Bourne Legacy brings the world of Operation Tredstone back to life. Unlike the previous trilogy however, this film doesn’t star Matt Damon or his character Jason Bourne (or any of Bourne’s numerous aliases for that matter.) It instead focuses on Aaron […]