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It’s rare that an acting performance simply takes your breath away, but Tom Hanks did exactly that in his lead role in Captain Phillips. Based on the true story of Captain Richard Phillips, a freight boat captain who is kidnapped by pirates in international waters. Hanks re-defines the phrase powerhouse performance. He is simply incredible […]

Larry Crowne


The key problem I found with Larry Crowne as a film was that it tried to tell a personal tale about a middle aged guy who has everything going wrong for him and turns his life around, but I, as a viewer, didn’t believe it for one second. It wasn’t the fact that the lead […]

There are many incredible films out there, but which to choose. Do you watch a film that everyone’s been raving about? Perhaps you go to the cinema and see the latest Blockbuster. Here at Henmania, we’ve seen a lot of films, some you’ve heard of, others you haven’t and so, with this we present to […]