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The Expendables 2 is possibly the most ridiculous film I have ever seen. It’s not a horrible film by any stretch of the imagination, it’s also, sadly, nowhere near as good as the first instalment which was released in 2010. But it’s incredibly ridiculous. I get the whole idea of the premise; like the first […]



Recently there’s been a tradition of sorts that every summer; a new Pixar film is released. Personally I’ve been a fan of Pixar movies since I first saw Toy Story as a ten- year- old, so I have no issue with this concept. Brave, the latest Pixar release is promoted as being markedly different from […]



When Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane announced his debut film TED, one question was on the lips of most fans and critics of MacFarlane’s work, “Is TED a Family Guy movie?” In a nutshell, yes it is. While none of Family Guy’s traditional characters appear in this live action movie, the plotline and humour of […]

Wrath of the Titans is the sequel to the 2010 box office hit Clash of the Titans. I didn’t see the original film; however I had read that the sequel was a vast improvement, so I entered the cinema with an open mind as to what I may see. As a spectacle, Wrath of the […]

Movies that are directed by George Clooney (with the exception of 2008’s Leatherheads) share a unique trait. They’re all, in my opinion at least, brilliant character films. Granted, take away Leatherheads from the list and you’re left with three films which have seen Clooney step into the directors chair, Confessions of a Dangerous Mind, Good […]

To make an adaptation faithful to its source material you have to take many factors into consideration. Incredibly, not only did the makers of The Adventures of Tintin: The Secret of the Unicorn (known from here on out as simply Tintin) adapt the original Hergé comics with a clear passion for the books which began […]