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Released almost exactly five years after The Bourne Ultimatum hit UK cinema screens, The Bourne Legacy brings the world of Operation Tredstone back to life. Unlike the previous trilogy however, this film doesn’t star Matt Damon or his character Jason Bourne (or any of Bourne’s numerous aliases for that matter.) It instead focuses on Aaron […]

I’ve been looking forward to the release of Marvel’s Avengers Assemble since 2005 – when the franchise idea was very first announced. You see, I’ve been a huge fan of comic book films since I first saw 1966’s Batman: The Movie as a toddler, soon after I saw Richard Donner’s Superman and I’ve been sold […]

I was lucky enough to see Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol at the BFI IMAX last night. The trailer suggested that the film would be action based, but for me it didn’t really suggest that it was going to be especially impressive. In fact I had the movie down on my list of ‘films I plan […]