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Man of Steel


Superman has returned to the big screen. I remember when I was first introduced to Superman, I was three- years- old, and terrified when the Man of Steel screamed in agony following Lois’ death by earthquake. Shortly after I discovered Superman my life changed dramatically, and the character became much more than just a comic […]

The Cold Light of Day is a terrible movie. To me, it seemed like the film was possibly rushed into production and release plainly to give Henry Cavill a starring role and a slightly bigger profile before he is pushed into the movie star stratosphere as Superman in next year’s Man of Steel. As a […]



Immortals is a blockbuster movie. I’ve read a number of reviews criticising it for lacking in depth and character development but, for me at least a blockbuster movie doesn’t need such strength in its writing. It needs to be entertaining to watch with popcorn. As it happens, I ate too much popcorn. Immortals is a […]