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I’ve seen a lot of films in my life, I own over 400 personally (I’m a picky shopper when it comes to films) but I rarely walk out on a movie when I pay to go to the cinema. Battleship is a different film though. Battleship in fact takes the crown of the first film […]

Sequel to the 2009 box office hit named simply Sherlock Holmes, Director Guy Ritchie and stars Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law return to the big screen for a second adventure as the dynamic duo of Holmes and Watson. This time around Moriarty is present as a character; he’s played by Jared Harris who’s apparently […]

I was lucky enough to see Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol at the BFI IMAX last night. The trailer suggested that the film would be action based, but for me it didn’t really suggest that it was going to be especially impressive. In fact I had the movie down on my list of ‘films I plan […]

The sequel to 2003’s highly successful blockbuster, Johnny English: Reborn is a brilliant family film. Set many years after the first film (which is only sensible seeing as when the last film was released) the story sees Johnny in exile following a seemingly embarrassing cock- up that resulted in the death of a world leader. […]

Real Steel


Inspired by the Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robots; Real Steel is a brilliantly entertaining blockbuster which is perfect viewing for cinema goers looking for an entertaining time at the pictures. Starring Hugh Jackman, the film tells the story of Charlie Kenton, a former boxer who fights robots in an attempt to make money. Unfortunately for […]

It’s not everyday you get offered the chance to speak to a world famous megastar. Today is no different sadly, HOWEVER I have been given the opportunity to share with you this BRAND NEW interview that the gorgeous (and very smurfable) Smurfette (voiced by Katy Perry) gave as part of the promotions for her new […]

Summer blockbusters divide cinema goers. Some adore adrenaline filled action rides; others despise them for their lack of complex story and other such issues. So it’s safe to assume that Transformers: Dark of the Moon will split audiences and critics alike, straight down the middle. Now I could write about this movie from a story […]