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It’s rare that an acting performance simply takes your breath away, but Tom Hanks did exactly that in his lead role in Captain Phillips. Based on the true story of Captain Richard Phillips, a freight boat captain who is kidnapped by pirates in international waters. Hanks re-defines the phrase powerhouse performance. He is simply incredible […]

Django Unchained is a very long film. Playing with a run time of 165 minutes, Django Unchained, for me at least, felt every bit of its 2 hour, 45 minute length. Starring Jamie Foxx as slave turned bounty hunter Django, Quentin Tarantino’s latest work is said to be the director’s ode to the Western film […]

I completed the trilogy! All bow down before king Tim! The Return of the King is arguably the weakest of the LOTR films. But it won all the Oscars (well, 11 of them) not because it was the best film, but because the cinematic achievement that was the trilogy deserved recognition. The Return of the […]

One thing that I really rate as a FIVE FIST PUMP show is Glee. Those kids are brilliantly talented and have me singing along at every single opportunity. So my song for the week (it’s going to be a weekly thing every Friday, be very excited) is this lovely tune from the Glee episode The Substitute, […]