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There are many incredible films out there, but which to choose. Do you watch a film that everyone’s been raving about? Perhaps you go to the cinema and see the latest Blockbuster. Here at Henmania, we’ve seen a lot of films, some you’ve heard of, others you haven’t and so, with this we present to […]

Last night, I went to a charity screening of The Lord Of The Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring at the Prince Charles Cinema in Leicester Square. After fighting my way through literally four fans, I took my seat in the front row for a charity screening of Peter Jackson’s film, the money raised from […]

Happy CLIFFmas from all at Henmania! xx

On the fifth day of CLIFFmas, Henmania gave to me, FIVE FIST PUMPS!!!!!!!!! (and CLIFFmas Alphabet)

So its that time of year again, Christmas day tomorrow and I still haven’t decorated our tree! Lance keeps reminding me but I’ve had a lot on, not long finished filming at the BBC for the year so things have been quite manic. Cliff’s song is being played practically on loop on radio 2 and […]

On the fourth day of CLIFFmas, Henmania gave to me, Band Aid 2. Starring Sir Cliff Richard!

On the third day of CLIFFmas, Henmania gave to me, a CLIFFmas Medley!