Welcome to Henmania Reviews!

As Tiger Tim showed us during his glittering career you can never go wrong with a fist pump and a smile. So this blog has been created to bring you our personal opinions on all things entertainment related, using the rosy eyed view of Timothy Henry “Tim” Henman OBE.

On this site, you will find musings on things we’ve seen all over the internet, on TV and at the movies (as well as some other treats too!) and everything will be rated using our unique Henmania rating system. (wooo!)

So, without further a dew, lets explain how these ratings work (it’s basically a star system)


ONE FIST PUMP = Dreadful – Hits ball girl in anger

TWO FIST PUMPS = Bad – Should’ve watched Greg Rusedski

THREE FIST PUMPS = Good – Subdued Ripple on Henman Hill

FOUR FIST PUMPS = Very Good – Tiger Tim!

FIVE FIST PUMPS = Brilliant – Henmania!!

While we’re hoping to give out lots of FIST PUMPS, there’s a lot of shit out there, so don’t hold your breath. (If it gets FIVE FIST PUMPS, it’s going to be bloddy brilliant)

If you love/ hate or just want to talk to someone about what you’ve read on the site, please leave a comment.

Alternatively, you can contact our Editor via email at mattfricker@googlemail.com.

So, please join us and enjoy the world of Henmania. Lets get ready for the match to begin!

n.b. We should also note that the opinions of this blog are entirely those of the authors and this blog has no official links in any form to Mr. Tim Henman or his views. If Tim would one day like a game of Tennis, we’d be happy to oblige, although we’re rather rubbish at it, so he may win. x


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