Gravity is an alright movie.

I went into this cinema expecting to have my mind blown, to see a film so incredible that my opinion of cinema would be changed forever.

I think I was probably expecting too much.

From a technical point of view, Gravity truly is breathtaking, you genuinely believe  that you’re in space with these characters and the events in the movie are really happening, as George Clooney says in the trailer, it’s beautiful.

On top of that the sound, special effects, directing and, of course, the acting, are all brilliant too.

But, for me, Gravity misses something, and that’s in the writing, the story didn’t grip me, it actually made me think, if this film was set in any other scenario, it would be a bit dull.

Throughout the tight 91 minute run time I was hoping for something to really wrack up the tension, or at least be truly daring in Hollywood cinema, but in the end I felt like Gravity was very good, but not the mind- blowing experience I was sold.

I fully expect Gravity to win a host of awards at the Oscars, it’ll make a deserved Best Picture winner and Sandra Bullock, who’s effectively on her own for three quarters of the film will most certainly get nominated, and may very well win her second Oscar too. But for me, Gravity was nearly perfect.



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