The Fifth Estate


The story of Wikileaks is one of the most interesting of the internet’s generation, much like the launch of Facebook, the use of information, and the internet as a source of information changed dramatically with the creation of a simple website.

As a film however, The Fifth Estate is just a bit dull really. Starring Daniel Bruhl as former Wikileaks member Daniel Berg and Benedict Cumberbatch as the now infamous Julian Assange, this tale of online espionage/ journalism/ revolution/ whatever you want to call it, is merely uninteresting.

Supposedly telling the true story of how Wikileaks came to be the household name it is today, I didn’t feel as though I could care for any of the characters or their cause. Combine this with a script that plods along rather than trying to take the audience on a ride of any sort, and you’re left with a film which has one saving grace – the performances of the actors.

The ensemble cast do all they can with what felt like quite a weak script and Cumberbatch tears through the middle of the film with yet another truly mesmerising performance that should win him plaudits left, right and centre.

This autumn sees several films based on true stories released, Daniel Bruhl was in the previous major release, the excellent Rush, and Tom Hanks returns to cinema screens next weekend in Captain Phillips, which I cannot wait to see.

While I’m glad I saw The Fifth Estate, on the whole I was disappointed with the film, as I felt it could have been an awful lot stronger, I just hope Captain Phillips lives up to expectations.



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