Filth is a disturbing, yet brilliant film.

Based on the Irvine Welsh novel of the same name, Filth tells the story of Detective Sergeant Bruce Robinson (James McAvoy), a bi-polar alcoholic junkie who manipulates his way through the festive season in attempt to gain a promotion at work.

Supported by an ensemble cast including Eddie Marsan, Jamie Bell, Imogen Poots and Jim Broadbent amongst a host of others, Filth is slightly like American Psycho in terms of watching a character go through a psychotic breakdown of sorts, however, Filth makes American Psycho look like a light hearted romp in comparison.

Throughout the film the audience are made to jump out of their seats thanks to deft direction from Jon S. Baird and a commanding lead performance from McAvoy, who is able to make the audience genuinely feel for a character who is simply horrific.

Filth is a very, very tough watch, but, regardless of its incredibly bleak outlook on life, it is a fantastic piece of cinema, and one I would highly recommend (although you will need a strong stomach and its also not one for the easily offended).



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