Runner Runner


Loosely based around the world of online gambling, Runner Runner is a massive cheese fest.

Justin Timberlake stars as mature student and financial expert Richie Furst, who discovers that Ben Affleck’s online gambling kingpin Ivan Block is a bad guy.

Richie, incensed by the discovery, travels to Costa Rica to confront Ivan, only to be convinced that being bad is an attractive way of life, and a thriller of sorts begins from there.

Gemma Arterton all turns up to look incredibly beautiful and be kissed by Justin Timberlake (her character genuinely does nothing else, and she’s the female lead).

Runner Runner is a strange film, the actors all do pretty well with the pithy amount of depth their characters have been given – none of the characters seem to struggle emotionally with any of the occurrences in the film.

For me, it felt as though the directors and writers were stuck between making a crime thriller and a in-depth character exploration surrounding online gambling – what we’ve been given as a viewer though, is a film which runs out of ideas incredibly quickly, so pulls our fight scenes and crocodiles to try and ramp up the tension and interest for the remainder of the film’s 91 minute run time.

All in all, if Runner Runner was a poker hand, it would be a 10 High.



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