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Prisoners is a very good thriller. Set in the American state of Pennsylvania, Prisoners follows the story of Keller Dover (Hugh Jackman) whose life derails when his daughter goes missing with her best friend. Jake Gyllenhall turns up as the investigating detective, and we’re taken on a tension filled exploration as Jackman, in an act of […]

Runner Runner


Loosely based around the world of online gambling, Runner Runner is a massive cheese fest. Justin Timberlake stars as mature student and financial expert Richie Furst, who discovers that Ben Affleck’s online gambling kingpin Ivan Block is a bad guy. Richie, incensed by the discovery, travels to Costa Rica to confront Ivan, only to be […]



Rush is a brilliant movie. Based on the real life rivalry for the 1976 Formula One title between Niki Lauda and James Hunt, director Ron Howard has made one of the most gripping sports dramas of the year. In the lead roles of the driving greats, Chris Hemsworth steps out of the superhero shadow that […]