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[] Jason Statham is a strange leading man, he’s incredibly charismatic and arguably a legend of sorts, as he is one of the biggest British action stars of all time. Hummingbird, which is Statham’s new film is slightly different from his normal fare of Statham verses the world. Known in other territories as Redemption, the film […]

[] This Is The End is very clever, very funny and very, very grim in some parts. Featuring a host of American comedy stars playing themselves, the film asks an odd question for a comedy, what would happen if the apocalypse occurred. Co-written and co-directed by Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg, the concept is actually quite fascinating, […]

Despicable Me 2


Despicable Me 2 is a fabulous family film. The sequel to the 2010 hit follows the now good Gru as he’s recruited by the Anti Villain League to thwart a bad guy who’s been stealing things with a ship shaped like a giant magnet. The plot zips by and there’s enough story development to keep […]

World War Z


I was not a fan of World War Z. Starring Brad Pitt and based on the best selling novel by Max Brooks, World War Z follows the tale of Gerry Lane; a U.N. Investigator who travels around the world searching for answers after zombies take over. The problem I had with the film is simple, […]

Man of Steel


Superman has returned to the big screen. I remember when I was first introduced to Superman, I was three- years- old, and terrified when the Man of Steel screamed in agony following Lois’ death by earthquake. Shortly after I discovered Superman my life changed dramatically, and the character became much more than just a comic […]