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Wreck-It Ralph


Wreck-It Ralph is an 80s video game bad guy with a difference, after 30 years of being the bad guy he longs to be good, he dreams of being accepted, liked and not alone. Unfortunately for Ralph, he’s not very good at communicating with the other characters in his game, so he decides to leave […]



For many years now I’ve had a well known issue with Denzel Washington as an actor, my issue is simple, I can never see the character he’s playing, I always see Denzel. For example, in Man on Fire he played a man named Creasy who never actually caught fire, in The Taking of Pelham 1 […]

This Is 40


At an age currently a few short years before turning 30, I went into This Is 40 interested to see which new comedic philosophy Judd Apatow would throw through the cinema screen at me this time. In This Is 40, Apatow tells the story of Debbie and Pete (two characters who appeared in cameo roles […]

Django Unchained is a very long film. Playing with a run time of 165 minutes, Django Unchained, for me at least, felt every bit of its 2 hour, 45 minute length. Starring Jamie Foxx as slave turned bounty hunter Django, Quentin Tarantino’s latest work is said to be the director’s ode to the Western film […]