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Appearing in cinemas only a few months after Mirror Mirror (Which I didn’t see) Snow White and the Huntsman tackles the challenge of bringing the legendary fairy tale of Snow White to the big screen. (Mirror Mirror also did this, in case you’re not sure why I mentioned that movie – two films, about the […]

Dark Shadows


When Tim Burton and Johnny Depp team up for a film (this is their eighth time) you can almost guarantee that you’ll be in for a film that’s somewhat quirky and gothic. This is the case with Dark Shadows. Dark Shadows is based of a 60s TV show of the same name that was highly […]

The Dictator


There is a line in comedy that many writers and performers wouldn’t dare to cross. This line does not exist in the world of Sacha Baron Cohen. In his latest film, Sacha plays oppressive dictator Admiral General Aladeen, the loving Dictator of fictional Middle East country Wadiya. While Aladeen thinks that everything in his world […]

When the first American Pie movie was released in October 1999, I had just turned 14 – years- old. The film became a huge influence on my generation; as soon as the DVD came out I bought a copy (I only got to see the film for the first time after I rented out the […]