The Cold Light of Day


The Cold Light of Day is a terrible movie.

To me, it seemed like the film was possibly rushed into production and release plainly to give Henry Cavill a starring role and a slightly bigger profile before he is pushed into the movie star stratosphere as Superman in next year’s Man of Steel.

As a story, The Cold Light of Day is basic; it clearly wants to be a pseudo – Borne style action thriller. But instead drifts far too quickly into the ridiculous, while at no point trying to play up to the silliness of the situation.

In the leading role of Will Shaw, Henry Cavill does well with the little that he’s given, proving that he’ll make an excellent Superman in the process.

But apart from a solid performance from Cavill, the film offers very little. There are a few clever camera shots, but the action sequences are relatively poor and highly predictable. The story is plainly awful and the script isn’t much stronger at all.

All in all The Cold Light of Day doesn’t really have anything in it that makes you want to sit through its 93 minute run time.

My advice is that if you want to see the future Man of Steel in a leading role, watch 2011’s Immortals.



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