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21 Jump Street


21 Jump Street is one of those films that you’ll either love or you’ll hate. Starring Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill, 21 Jump Street follows the story of two hapless cops who are sent undercover to infiltrate a high school drug ring. The jokes fly thick and fast through this action comedy giving the audience […]

Film adaptations of popular books are often very hit and miss. Recently, there have been two ginormous franchises based on book adaptations; I am, of course talking about the Harry Potter and Twilight series of films. While I was never a fan of either sets of books I enjoyed watching the Harry Potter movies and […]

John Carter


Based on the Edgar Rice Burroughs book ‘A Princess Of Mars’ John Carter is Disney’s latest attempt to fill the franchise- sized void that has been left by the ending of the Pirates of the Caribbean series. Starring Taylor Kitsch, John Carter follows the tale of an American civil- war veteran who, while searching for […]

Hunky Dory


Hunky Dory is a British Comedy Drama about a drama teacher called Viv (played by Minnie Driver) who is trying to “Put on a play that both William Shakespeare and David Bowie would be proud of”. The film revolves around the lives of Viv and her misfit bunch of students as they count down to […]