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The Artist


I could go into great detail about The Artist, however, I’m simply going to say that it’s one of the most charming films I’ve ever seen. The Artist has received tons of praise since it premiered at the Cannes Film Festival last May, and I can comfortably say that every ounce of praise it’s received […]



I never thought I’d see a mainstream film that I could best describe as a more realistic Bourne film, but that’s what Haywire is. By that I mean Haywire, while an entertaining film, is very unusually paced. From the trailer you’d be forgiven for thinking that the movie is a break neck espionage flick, which […]



Shame is a controversial movie. Pretty much everything I read about the new film by Hunger director Steve McQueen makes a big fuss about the fact that Shame features sex as a central theme. Shame also contains several scenes of relatively intense and graphic depiction of sexual acts taking place. But this shouldn’t detract from […]

The Iron Lady


The Iron Lady is a dreadful film. I’ve never been a huge fan of Margaret Thatcher’s political ideals, but I’ve always known a few simple facts about her. Firstly: Like it or not, Maggie was responsible for helping to turn the country’s economic decline around in the early 1980s. Secondly: Margaret Thatcher is not only […]