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So here we are, it’s the end of the year and it’s been an interesting year in the world of cinema. I feel as though it’s actually been the calm before the storm in many ways, as 2012 promises to smash pretty much all box office records known to man and sees four of the […]

Based on the international best seller, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo is arguably one of the darkest stories that mainstream Hollywood has tried to bring to the big screen in recent years. Thankfully, the powers that be stayed very loyal to the book that the late Stieg Larsson produced and hired one of the […]

Sequel to the 2009 box office hit named simply Sherlock Holmes, Director Guy Ritchie and stars Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law return to the big screen for a second adventure as the dynamic duo of Holmes and Watson. This time around Moriarty is present as a character; he’s played by Jared Harris who’s apparently […]

I was lucky enough to see Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol at the BFI IMAX last night. The trailer suggested that the film would be action based, but for me it didn’t really suggest that it was going to be especially impressive. In fact I had the movie down on my list of ‘films I plan […]



A comedy drama about a young man’s journey after he is diagnosed with a rare form of cancer sounds like it would be a very un-comfortable concept for most people to watch. Written by former cancer patient Will Reiser, 50/50 tells Will’s story in a semi-autobiographical format. The lead character, named Adam is played with […]