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The sequel to 2003’s highly successful blockbuster, Johnny English: Reborn is a brilliant family film. Set many years after the first film (which is only sensible seeing as when the last film was released) the story sees Johnny in exile following a seemingly embarrassing cock- up that resulted in the death of a world leader. […]

Real Steel


Inspired by the Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robots; Real Steel is a brilliantly entertaining blockbuster which is perfect viewing for cinema goers looking for an entertaining time at the pictures. Starring Hugh Jackman, the film tells the story of Charlie Kenton, a former boxer who fights robots in an attempt to make money. Unfortunately for […]



Based around the idea that an unknown virus starts killing people across the globe, Contagion is a star studded ensemble project that looks at the idea of an epidemic attacking the world. What makes Contagion a different film from movies such as Outbreak and 28 Days Later which have also focused on a virus taking […]



Footloose is a remake. The original version of Footloose was made in 1984 and made the then unknown Kevin Bacon a household name. The film tells the tale of Ren MacCormack, a teen from Boston who has recently lost his mum to Leukaemia. Ren moves from Boston to the small town of Bomont where he […]



Cyrus is a black comedy about a man named John (Played by John C. Reilly) who falls in love with a woman named Molly (Marisa Tomei). John and Molly’s relationship seems to be sparking and growing at a fantastic pace for the both of them, until John meets Molly’s 21- year- old son Cyrus (Jonah […]

Love’s a bizarre concept in the real world, and in the movie world it’s even worse. Thousands of films exist that tell the story of love from every possible angle, from sex to abuse to laughter and despair. It’s enough to make anyone stay well away from a film with love in the title completely. […]

Since my earliest memories I’ve been a fan of Robin Williams. Not so much his stand up, but most certainly of his acting. I always thought there was something deeply engrossing about his performances, especially his eyes. As I grew older I found out about his struggles with drink, drugs and depression and the pain […]