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Written by Kurt Wimmer (of Equilibrium fame) Salt tells the story of Evelyn Salt (no relation to Veruca Salt from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory) Evelyn Salt is a CIA agent accused of being a Russian Spy, who, in order to prove her innocence (or something similar) decides to escape and go on the run […]

The Wolf Pack is back!!!… In a film which is EXACTLY THE SAME AS THE ORIGINAL! This time Alan, Phil and Stu find themselves in Bangkok, with the lost member of their Wolf Pack not being Doug, but instead being Stu’s soon- to- be brother- in- law Teddy. What ensues is the same mad-cap caper […]



I went to see the movie Blitz this evening. Blitz is the tale of Brand (Jason Statham), who is a cop with an attitude (A strong departure from his normal role of crook with an attitude) When police officers in London start getting gunned down by a madman who calls himself ‘Blitz’ (and is played […]