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I completed the trilogy! All bow down before king Tim! The Return of the King is arguably the weakest of the LOTR films. But it won all the Oscars (well, 11 of them) not because it was the best film, but because the cinematic achievement that was the trilogy deserved recognition. The Return of the […]

Following my earlier review of The Fellowship of the Ring, I decided to watch The Two Towers, what I didn’t realise is that I own the extended edition which is about 89 hours long (a slight exaggeration, but it’s bloody long!) The Two Towers is also a brilliant film, Peter Jackson really did create  a modern […]

Last night, I went to a charity screening of The Lord Of The Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring at the Prince Charles Cinema in Leicester Square. After fighting my way through literally four fans, I took my seat in the front row for a charity screening of Peter Jackson’s film, the money raised from […]



I saw Unknown last night and it explained a lot to me, namely why I haven’t updated this thing in fucking ages. Turns out I’ve been having a bit of an Unknown myself, for a while I thought I was Andy Murray and actually not that bad at tennis. Then I got hit on the […]