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Green Zone


Sorry I’ve not posted in nearly a week; I was busy at the Australian Open, (who saw me? Did you wave? I was amazing, I know!) Anyway, when I got back to civilisation, I stuck on Green Zone, it’s directed by Paul Greengrass and stars Matt Damon (Tim Henmania look a like number one) so […]

Blue Valentine


Being a born romantic it was only right that I went to see Blue Valentine last night, but fuck me was I in for a surprise. You see, I thought it’d be a nice, uplifting date movie. It’s not. Blue Valentine is an amazing film; however it’s an amazing film about the courtship, and marital […]

I went and saw The King’s Speech this morning; it’s heavily tipped for success at all the major award ceremonies (and has already snagged Colin Firth a Golden Globe). Critics to the film have suggested it’s too Royalist or some bollocks like that, I’m not a royalist, well, I am, but that’s beside the point. […]

I saw The Green Hornet on Friday night. Being a big fan of superhero movies I was interested to see what they’d do with the former radio serial character. For most people, The Green Hornet is best known as the bloke who stood next to Bruce Lee in a 1960s TV show. Anyway, this new […]

As a tennis legend (now retired) I have a lot of spare time on my hands, one way that I like to pass the time is by watching movies, this past 24 hours I’ve seen two films with a number in the title, so I’m going to talk about both of them now. Lets start […]

BBC2s Episodes


I’ve just wasted half an hour! I sat down to watch Episodes and thought, “This does have the recipe for failure, but I’m going to list the positives and hope it’ll be brill.” The positives include: Stephen Mangan Tamsin Greig Matt Le Blanc in a show which isn’t Joey Cameos from Richard Griffiths and Ben […]

I went and saw The Next Three Days on Saturday night. After working my way through literally four different autograph hunters, I queued up for 35 minutes to purchase my ticket (apparently, the cinema don’t have a VIP line, bastards!) Anyway, I got into the cinema just as the film was beginning and I’ll tell […]