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Happy CLIFFmas from all at Henmania! xx Advertisements

On the fifth day of CLIFFmas, Henmania gave to me, FIVE FIST PUMPS!!!!!!!!! (and CLIFFmas Alphabet)

Frankie’s made some headlines recently (usually, whenever he makes a joke someone gets offended) This time’s no different, as he’s made a few jokes on his new Channel 4 show Tramadol Nights that some have deemed racist. I watched the show in question, and I’ll be honest, I just found them to be unfunny. Frankie […]

So its that time of year again, Christmas day tomorrow and I still haven’t decorated our tree! Lance keeps reminding me but I’ve had a lot on, not long finished filming at the BBC for the year so things have been quite manic. Cliff’s song is being played practically on loop on radio 2 and […]

On the fourth day of CLIFFmas, Henmania gave to me, Band Aid 2. Starring Sir Cliff Richard!

On the third day of CLIFFmas, Henmania gave to me, a CLIFFmas Medley!

SPOLER ALERT!!!! I went to see TRON: LEGACY yesterday (yes, you may be impressed) The movie sees Academy Award winner Jeff Bridges return to one of the roles that helped make him famous in the 80s as Flynn, the computer genius who can enter a digital world known as The Grid. This time around it’s […]